The case against Looking To.

Tom McDonnell
1 min readMay 25, 2023


Phrases swing in and out of fashion. One of those creeping, silky English idioms, now business jargon, is Looking To.

It’s everywhere, and it’s feeble.

“We’re looking to create an inclusive place to work”.

Meh. (You can banish Meh too if you wish).

Looking To is the swill bucket for all forms of intent. From a passing wish to a firmly determined objective.

Intent is mildly implied, a bit of consideration maybe, but steady on, not too much of either.

Conviction level: medium.

Colour: beige.

Volume: low.

Specificity: none.

In 2023 faux-formal business speak, when we should be firmly planning to do something we’re now looking to plan it. How about we just plan the darned thing? Commit!

If we’re hoping for something to occur, we’re now looking for it to occur. There’s no hope in sight.

If we’re striving for a result, we’re now looking to get it. Not committing ourselves to trying that hard, just passively gazing at it and waiting for it to happen.

If your game plan is to avoid precision and commitment, carry on and keep firing out those looking tos. Otherwise, I propose a pact. A motion to banish Looking To forever. Are you with me?



Tom McDonnell

CEO at Monterosa - Real-time Engagement platform for sport and entertainment 🇬🇧🇬🇭🇮🇪