For brands that invest in sports sponsorship, particularly those with Direct-to-consumer (D2C) business models, an untapped opportunity exists to combine brand-building as an objective with the generation and use of first party data.

Sponsorship has long-since been a tactic for brand building marketers. With a strong presence across media channels, a good sponsorship deal can provide a way to increase your brand awareness in multiple territories at great speed. However, connecting that awareness to measurable sales or acquisition is an elusive outcome for many.

However, in today’s challenging economic times, leadership teams are questioning costs. …

Some of the global event centres we manage for our customers IMG Arena and Liverpool Football Club

Who is this aimed at? — This is something of a behind-the-scenes explanation of how we tackle versioning and app variants at Monterosa. It’s one of our hottest topics and I’d love to know your thoughts. This is most relevant if you’re involved in creating web or native apps which could be destined for multiple contexts at once.

What is the context? — In the world of big format sports and entertainment properties, or the brands that partner with them (I’m sure many other sectors too), often a digital product starts life in one discreet context. Then, once deemed successful…

I’m 42 now, how time flies.

My amazing late sister Angela met her Ghanaian husband Nat in Manchester when I was a kid. I can never remember what age I was, but I was young. I always found he and his family inspiring and interesting. He gave me money for cooler glasses when I admired his, and taught me how to eat – and cook – fufu and goat light soup (with my hands naturally, “don’t chew or they will laugh at you oo”).

Angela was my go-to, confidante, and since I hung around her place so much I became…

Everything is different now, but people are the same. We may be isolating at home, but we are already supplementing real human contact with the virtual.

Our hunger for stimulus and entertainment is the same, but with almost all sport, soaps, reality TV, cinema and theatre on hold, an enormous gap has emerged. Sports teams and leagues are running out of interesting content. Broadcasters have gaps in the schedule. Brands need a reason to be relevant. Companies need to keep their staff motivated. Schools need to keep students and teachers engaged.

Despite great hype a decade ago, online video’s metamorphosis into a fully interactive experience wasn’t quite as rapid as expected by some. Instead, a progressive evolution has unfolded, and interactivity with video is now so pervasive, you could be forgiven for missing it.

What is Twitch without chat and interactive extensions? What is Instagram without Stories? Even the new Amazon Prime Premier League player has interactive and data layering features that have been met warmly. There are many many examples of regular interaction with, on, or around video, that it is now mainstream.

I believe creativity, taste and purpose are…

If you’re at IBC and would like to meet, let’s book a meeting.

People love to interact with their favourite TV shows and live events in their millions. Last month at Monterosa, we handled billions of votes for the MTV Millennial Awards and over 3.5 million users of the Love Island UK app — just two examples out of many.

Most of this interaction happens on smartphones, inspired by persuasive calls-to-action from the TV show that encourages users to download an app or visit a particular website.

These engagements are designed for the committed and passionate fans that want to…

As Love Island 2018 draws to a close this week in the UK, millions of Brits are fidgeting anxiously. Yes, they’re wondering who will win the show, but more so they’re trying to figure out what they’ll do with themselves every night at 9pm.

Image courtesy of ITV Studios

The reality show has had an impact on popular British and Irish culture which for many has come as a surprise. How could a TV show become so relevant to young people, when TV is supposed to be dead? …

Jockey Club’s new app

Building deeper direct relationships with fans is increasingly core strategy for sports and entertainment companies.

Taking control of both the communication channel and the end-to-end fan experience gives an organisation a way to maintain the attention of their audience by informing, entertaining and cross-promoting— all in a tone of voice and style that’s befitting of the brand.

Buying a ticket to an event is among the most value-rich opportunities to connect with people who really care about your property. …

HQ Trivia

Update: since writing this we’ve launched our new solution Gameshow Live which powers the market-leading Quipp show in both Germany and Austria. Check it out here.

Why developing genuine, direct audience relationships is a good idea if you want to stay in business

If you want to get straight to the “here’s 6 things you can do” bit, scroll down. If you want the rationale, read on. And please forgive the dodgy analogies.

You need more than one option

Hear me out. If you’re looking for a new partner you can’t put all your eggs in one basket too soon. In business, selling through distributers, middle-men or retailers is nothing new. I remember the old story my Dad used to tell me about how those manufacturers who sold exclusively to Marks &…

Tom McDonnell

CEO at Monterosa

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